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5 Best Apps to use While Traveling Abroad

Traveling is fun, but the planning and organizing can be stressful. Staying organized can be even more difficult when you are traveling abroad. With everything going more digital, the day of carrying maps to navigate around cities are over. Below are the best apps to download before you go on your next trip so that you are prepared. If you are flying out of FLL Park Safe, don’t forget to book your airport parking!



1. TripIt

TripIt is an app that allows you to keep all of your flights, car bookings, hotel bookings, etc. in one location. All you have to do is forward your confirmation numbers and the next time you open the app, a master itinerary is created for you. This app also allows for you to share your itinerary with family members or friends so that everyone knows exactly where to be at all times. So the next time you fly into or out of Fort Lauderdale, just share the information with your family or friends and they’ll know exactly where your flight is. This app can also store a digital copy of your passport, driver’s license, and credit cards by simply inputting the information. Not only is this app great, it’s free! If you have any layovers during your trip, check out our latest blog for ideas on how to kill time.


2. XE Currency

The XE Currency app is convenient because it will help you never have to worry about having to make currency conversions in your head. With the app, you can see what the current exchange rate is and allows you to make calculations on the app. You can use the app offline so you don’t have to worry about data usage and it even lets you follow at least 10 different currencies at once. This can be extremely helpful when traveling to different countries! XE Currency currently offers a free and pro version of the app, but the main difference is that with the pro version you can follow up to 20 currencies at once.


3. CityMaps2Go

Offline maps with no roaming fess? Sold! This app allows you to view maps of thousands of different cities so you never have to carry a paper map or get lost again. Once the app is downloaded you can save the map offline. This app also will list the top attractions in the city that you’re in and will give you directions to that place. 


4. Google Translate

One of the biggest worries about going abroad is going to a country where you don’t know the language. Google Translate has been used online for years and in the app, it’s even easier to try to find the words to what you want to say. Now that FLL airport offers flights to Ecuador and Cuba, this will become super handy! Just make sure you get your long-term airport parking booked ahead of time.


5. Airbnb

Airbnb has recently been a favorite service when it comes to hospitality finds. It’s used in the United States all the time, and is making a name for itself in the international market as well. This app makes it easy to find local places to stay so you can really experience the country you are visiting.


You are now ready for your expedition abroad! Traveling to other countries shouldn’t be stressful because you don’t know the conversion rates or the language, download these apps for an easier and more enjoyable trip. If you fly out of FLL, leave your airport parking in safe hands here at FLL Park Safe.