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8 Travel Tips to Make the Best of Your Trip.

Do you have a summer trip coming up? Whether you’re traveling close or far, on a plane or on a cruise, these tips will help make the best of your trip! Remember to book your cruise ship parking or long-term airport parking with the best, FLL Park Safe! 

Take lots of pictures.

Sometimes the biggest regret after going on a trip is not capturing all of the special moments! Having pictures of the food, views and stores you liked will help you remember the trip forever. Even the bad moments, like travel nightmares or bad sunburns, you’ll get a kick out of it later down the road when you see a picture. So, pack your camera and don’t be afraid to ask people to take your photo!

Splurge a little bit.

Often times when traveling money can be tight and it can be difficult to justify an expensive souvenir or excursion. We recommend setting aside some extra cash beforehand to allow you to spend a day splurging. Treat yourself to a 5 star restaurant, go on a hot air balloon ride or buy something you wouldn’t normally get.

Plan ahead.

Hotel booked? Airport transportation planned? Airport parking reserved? For a smooth trip, be sure to take care of these things beforehand! For your long-term airport parking be sure to make a reservation with FLL Park Safe!

Eat and shop local.

Immerse in the culture you’re in, even if it’s a city close to home. Skip the touristy chain restaurant and go to a hole in the wall café or pub. You’ll find the most authentic meals at local restaurants. Plus, most local places employ local people who know a lot about the place you’re visiting.

Spend more time in fewer places.

Some of the best experiences while traveling don’t happen in the first few hours. Instead of cramming a bunch of small excursions into one trip, spend time getting to know one city. Slow down the travel frenzy and enjoy your time in one place.

Pack less.

Packing less stuff will help make your airport travel a breeze. Consider taking just a carry-on luggage. You won’t have to worry about losing your bag or have to wait forever in baggage claim. Packing less also gives you more room to bring stuff back from your trip!

Leave room for spontaneity.

Always plan ahead, but make sure to leave some room in your trip for spontaneous decisions. Itineraries are great, but what happens if you get to your destination and find a plethora of must-see spots that you didn’t plan for? Leaving a day open to just go wherever the wind blows you will create less stress and won’t force you to sacrifice an existing plan.

Take care of your body.

Easily the most forgotten thing on a trip is maintaining healthy habits. Exercise when you can, get enough sleep, try to eat well, stay hydrated and most importantly don’t forget the sunblock! Nothing kills a travel buzz quite like a sunburn