Fort Lauderdale Airport & Ship Parking

A Guide to Drinking at the Airport


Let’s face it, airports are stressful. Despite the fact that your car’s security gives you comfort because you parked at FLL Park Safe’s airport parking service, there could be many other reasons you want a drink. Perhaps you have a long layover, your flight was delayed or canceled, your luggage was misplaced or maybe you’re just eager to get your vacation started. In any case, if you are a responsible adult, there should be nothing stopping you from wetting your whistle to ease your airport nerves.


1.  It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.. and that somewhere is the airport

Airports seem to be in their own time zone with their own rules. The person sitting next to you could very likely have been across the world a few hours ago. If it’s 6am and you want a beer for breakfast to wash down that Cinnabon, then you go right ahead. We promise not to judge.


2. Treat yourself

If you feel like you need a drink at the airport, chances are you fully deserve it, so don’t be afraid to treat yourself. Don’t think you have to resort to drinking “cheap” domestic beer just because it’s the most affordable beverage on the menu. Flying on a stomach full of beer probably isn’t the best idea anyway. Go on and try a restaurant's signature cocktail. Make it a double while you’re at it.


3. Hydrate for free

It’s no secret that everything tends to cost twice as much at the airport. A simple bottle of water will run you about $5 so might as well get that alcoholic beverage instead and grab a free iced water at Starbucks later. Water fountains are also great places to hydrate for free at airports -- just bring an empty water bottle with you and fill up all you want. Voilà!


4. Don’t drink your own alcohol on the plane

It’s against federal law to drink any alcohol on a plane except for what the flight attendants serve you. So leave those mini bottles in your bag unless you want to create a scene and possibly get arrested.


5.  Don’t be “that guy” (or gal)

Airports are beginning to crack down on alcohol consumption because they don’t want to arrest somebody for being drunk and rowdy on an airplane that’s 30,000 feet in the sky. It is against the law to be drunk on a plane, and airlines have the right to refuse boarding if they consider you a risk to the well-being of other passengers because of the amount of alcohol you have consumed. Don’t be that guy.

Perhaps the best part about getting a drink at the airport is that you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving -- you’ve already paid the chauffeur a.k.a. the pilot! Before you grab a drink, make sure your car is parked securely at FLL Park Safe and don’t be shy to leave us a review about your experience!