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After Airport Parking, What to Do to Make Air Travel More Pleasant

Photo provided by Wiki Commons.

After taking care of airport parking, reservations and tickets, what more is there to think about? When flying, there are a number of ways to make yourself more comfortable during the flight. Located at Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida, we like our customers to have a great vacation. That starts with parking and ends with your dream destination. We have these tips for the flight in between.

Tips for Air Travel

Stay Hydrated
Drink water—and lots of it. The dry air dehydrates people. Purchase a water bottle after security or bring an empty one to fill up. Since the air also dries out the eyes and skin, moisturize and bring eye drops.

Avoid Salty Foods
Salt will cause you to retain water and swell up. Many people already have trouble with this on the flight because of the air pressure and lack of water. If you know you are one of these people, avoid the salty pretzels and peanuts.

Have Sleeping Pills on Hand
If you have a long flight, packing prescription or over the counter sleeping pills or Benadryl can make it easier to fall asleep. Be sure to read directions and plan appropriately. You don’t want to be groggy if you are switching planes.

Pack a Healthy Snack
If you tend to get hungry on flights, consider bringing carrot sticks, slices of apples, raw nuts, a banana or whole grain cereal. Eating high fiber, low salt foods helps the body adjust to the flight more easily.

Bring Anti-bacterial or Facial Wipes
If you are using the airplane’s earplugs or tray and want to clean it first, having these are lifesavers. It also comes in handy if you want to wash your hands before you eat and the beverage cart is blocking the path to the restroom. Having sample size or individually wrapped facial wipes also help freshen up during or after the flight.

Take Vitamins
Being in a small space with lots of people and breathing the same air is more likely to get you sick than other conditions. Taking zinc and Vitamin C, Airborne or daily multi-vitamins before and after your journey give the immune system what it needs to fight germs.

Bring Something to Do
Boredom is torture. Electronics are a fun way to stay entertained and often are small and easy to pack, but the batteries only last so long. Plus, you can’t use them during take-off and landing. Magazines and books are the classic alternative to have on hand for those times when electronics aren’t allowed.

Keep Earplugs or Headphones Handy
Whether it is to tune out crying babies or the passenger snoring next to you, these can help block out those noises. Also, if you want to send out the signal that you are unavailable for conversation, wearing headphones makes you look occupied, so people are less likely to talk to you.

Dress in Layers
Airplanes get warmer and cooler and it can be difficult to adjust. Dress in layers so you can easily put on a sweater or remove it as needed.

Make Sure You Are Comfy
Dress in loose, comfortable clothes. Bring a pillow or lumbar support.

Bring Gum
The pressure in the cabin and change of altitude can cause the ears to hurt if they don’t pop. Try chewing on gum or eating a snack. For babies, bottles of water can help.