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How to Avoid Flight Delays

Everyone has experienced a flight delay and everyone can attest to how frustrating and maddening they can be. To help you avoid these hair-pulling situations, we have some easy tips for your travelling needs:

1) Take nonstop flights. By taking multiple planes out of your itinerary, it limits the possibilities of delays and things that can go wrong. Nonstop flights might be more expensive, but booking these can be a worthwhile effort to ensure smoother sailing.

2) Fly in the morning. Flights that have the best chance of an on time departure typically leave before 9 a.m. If you can get on the first flight of the day, delays are much less likely to occur because delays tend to cause a domino effect of delaying every flight after them.

3) Fly in the middle of the week. Flights that leave on Tuesday or Wednesday tend to be on time more often than not. They also tend to be cheaper.