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How to Avoid Losing Your Luggage at the Airport

With all of the stress and craziness that accompanies travelling, being worried about losing your luggage is something best avoided for travelers. To make your vacation as relaxing and carefree as possible, here are some of our favorite tips on how to avoid losing your luggage:

      1) Pack lightly. The best possible way to avoid losing your bags is to bring carry-ons only. If you can avoid checking your luggage, you wont have to worry about the airport losing your luggage. Although it may be less convenient for you to carry everything yourself, you don’t have to worry about anyone losing or tampering with your possessions. You will also save money on bagging fees that the airlines love to include.

      2) Allow for easy identification. You will want to make sure that your bag is easily recognizable and can be traced back to you. Double-check that your luggage tags are complete with up-to-date information so that if your luggage is lost and found by the airline, it can be returned back to you easily. Another great tip is to take pictures of your luggage to show the airlines what your bags look like in case they lose them.

      3) Check in early. By getting to the airport and checking in early, you allow the airline staff ample time to process your bags correctly. People tend to make more mistakes when under stress, both for you and the airport employees.

      4) Avoid connecting flights. To minimize the chances of your luggage being lost, take a direct flight whenever possible. If you’re only taking one flight, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the connecting plane will get your luggage.