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Packing 101: How to Pack Light


I’m sure you hear it all the time “PACK LIGHT!” But, how exactly can you accomplish it, efficiently? With airlines raising fees for checked bags and the general inconvenience of lugging around the extra weight, we thought we’d offer our followers a guide to packing light. Here we go! Before you start the packing make sure you book your long-term airport parking with the best in Fort Lauderdale, FLL Park Safe! 


Restrict yourself to one carry-on bag

It might sound crazy, but try to limit yourself to only one carry-on bag. If you bring a plethora of luggage you might as well wear a name tag that says ‘tourist.’ For some people only bringing a carry-on is a radical idea, but you will be glad that you did. Invest in a nice carry-on bag that meets the dimension requirements of the airline. 


Down-size the toiletries

One of the biggest mistakes travelers make is packing too many toiletries. Bring the essentials to get you started and plan to buy more supplies at your destination. Most hotels will have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion and mouth wash. If there is a specific shampoo or soap you can’t live without, pack it in a travel-size bottle that will make it through security. Don’t forget to pack any prescription medication or vitamins that you take!  



This is when your organizational skills will come in handy. They best way to pack is in an organized fashion that will make it easy to find exactly what you need upon arriving to your destination. Consider separating miscellaneous items in bags. Try rolling your clothes instead of folding to make more room. You can also stuff socks and underwear in shoes to make more room. 


Bring minimal clothing

Whether you’re traveling for a week or 3 months, your suitcase should look about the same. Bring lightweight clothing that you can mix and match to create different outfits. You typically won’t need more than 2 pairs of pants/shorts and 5 short or long sleeved shirts/blouses. For sleepwear pack lightweight athletic gear that can double as your workout clothes and loungewear. Bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes (sneakers, tennis shoes, etc.) and a pair of dressier shoes for nice occasions. Whichever shoes you bring, make sure they are comfortable and broken in. Instead of bringing a heavy jacket, pack layers that will take less room.


Have the essentials on hand

DON’T FORGET! These items are great to have accessible at all times: water bottle, phone charger, tooth brush, headphones, wallet and ID. A scarf can make for a quick pillow and small blanket for a chilly flight. Leave bulky items like a hair dryer at home, especially since most hotel rooms provide one for you.


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