Fort Lauderdale Airport & Ship Parking

Painlessly Breeze Through Airport Security

1. Remember that any and all liquids over 3 ounces are forbidden. This includes baby bottles, contact lens solution and pretty much any other liquid. No one knows why it’s 3 ounces instead of 2 or 10, only that its 3. So when the nice TSA lady asks you to throw out your juice, throw it out and plan better next time.

2. Make sure that you have travel toothpaste in your carry-on and not a family sized tube. For speed and ease, I prefer to keep my travel toiletries in a ziplock bag. The ziplock bag keeps them all together for speedy removal when passing through security and ensures that no toothpaste explosions happen in your bag. If your toothpaste does explode in your bag, don’t use the word “explode” in the airport, that is bad. Instead try saying you’ve had an “accident.”

3. When traveling with a laptop, as many of us do these days, have it already out of its case and simply slipped into a pocket of your carry-on. This will save you a lot of uncomfortable looks and leers due to your unpreparedness. Laptops also need to be placed in their own tray. 

4. A travel vest is a great way to get around the small form factor of your carry-on luggage. Have all of your electronics in the vest, that way when you get to security you simply take off the vest instead of looking through your luggage for all of your electronics and chargers.

5. Wear comfortable slip on shoes. This has become an almost no-brainer, but still I see people fiddling with their laces in line when all I have to do is step on my heel and I’m ready for the scan. You might also think about packing a pair of clean, thick socks to wear without shoes during the flight.

6. Finally, the last step that will ensure a painless breeze through airport security is, courtesy. Everyone in the airport is tired, stressed, over-worked and ready for some shut eye. Let’s try to remember not to add to the confusion and stress next time we fly and pay respect to those around us including the TSA representatives. If there is anyone at the airport you want on your side it’s the TSA members. 


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