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Sea Sickness: Cruise Ship Parking is Easy

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Ahoy! You’ve bought the ticket, parked your car in the cruise ship parking at one of FLL Park Safe’s locations in Florida, and then climb aboard your ship to begin your tropical vacation only to find out . . . the food, the smells, the sway of the ship on the water—it’s all too much. You have sea sickness!

If you know ahead of time you are susceptible to motion sickness and sea sickness, be prepared for your trip with traditional sailor’s remedies—or more modern ones. Here are some preventative measures:

If you know you are susceptible to motion sickness, purchase Dramamine or Bonine, available in most states without a prescription. Stronger prescription medicines include Scopolamine (available in pill or patch form) and Stugeron which is supposed to be safe for kids.

Avoid overeating and drinking alcohol—unless it be the rum, matey and ye be a pirate.

Chew gum. Whether it is the sugar, the chewing motion or the swallowing, this has been known to help many a sailor on the modern seas.

Eat ginger, whether candied, pills, ginger ale or raw, this root has long been used for its medicinal properties to prevent dizziness, upset stomach and motion sickness. Carbonation also can help with stomach sickness. Other people swear by mint, lime, saltines or herbs such as parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Hey, they should write a song about it.

Keep your eyes on the horizon. Staring at a stationary object helps with the motion sickness.

Don’t watch other people vomiting. It will make you queasy on land too.

Take deep, controlled breaths. Avoid hyperventilation which will worsen symptoms.

Minimize screen time, books and prolonged reading. If you do read, keep it minimal.

Stay in the middle of the ship. Avoid the bow and stern where the most motion occurs.

Avoid overloading your senses. Close your eyes. Lay on your back. Remove yourself from the sights and smells that might be overwhelming you. . . . Including the smell of that kid who just puked on deck.

Get enough rest. Sleep deprivation is proven to make sea sickness worse. If you know you are going to have trouble sleeping, get a prescription for Ambien or an OTC sleep aid like doxylamine succinate tablets or Benadryl.

Stay hydrated. With the sun, heat and loss of body fluids, motion sickness can worsen and then include dehydration if you don’t get enough water.