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Travel Smart This Spring Break

Spring break, the coveted annual intermission for students across the country, is right around the corner. Spring break offers a great opportunity to leave behind the stress of daily life for a short period of time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take certain precautions when leaving on spring break. At FLL Park Safe, safety is always our top concern for our customers. It’s why we offer the best, most reliable airport and cruise ship parking services in Fort Lauderdale, and it’s why we want to share travel tips that will help you have a great vacation while staying safe. 

Keep Your Home Secure

One of the main concerns that plagues vacationers is that something may happen at home while they are away. You don’t want your home to give off obvious signals that no one is around as it may entice less than reputable individuals. First, make sure to put a stop to mail and newspaper delivery throughout the extent of your vacation as an overstuffed mailbox and a week’s worth of newspapers piled up by the front door are obvious signs that no one is home.

You may also like to invest in some timers for the lights in your house that will go off automatically to give the appearance of someone staying there. Make sure to ask a trusted neighbor to check on your house every so often just to make sure that nothing has gone awry.

Do Your Research

Can you imagine anything worse than showing up at the hotel you booked with the intention of having a quiet family vacation to find that all of the other guests are intoxicated, rowdy college students? Make sure you do your research before booking your trip. If you’re bringing your family, try to stay away from large, beach-front hotels as those become havens for the college crowd during this time of year. If you’re visiting someplace for the first time, make sure you know which parts of town are and aren’t family friendly and which parts are best to avoid as a tourist. 

Drink Responsibly

Spring break has become pretty synonymous with alcohol consumption. If you do decide to partake, make sure to do so responsibly. There are always people looking to take advantage of tourists, and your level of intoxication will play a role in how vulnerable you are. Know your limits and make sure to stay with a familiar group of people at all times.

Keep Your Car Safe

The best way to have total peace of mind about the safety of your vehicle while vacationing is to book your long-term airport and cruise ship parking with FLL Park Safe. It couldn’t be simpler. As soon as you arrive at our parking lot, you can start your vacation as we will take care of you from there, including driving you to and picking you up from the airport. Our secure lot is staffed 24 hours a day guaranteeing the security of your car.

We understand that the last thing you want to be doing on vacation is worrying about your car, so book with FLL Park Safe and enjoy some much needed tranquility this spring break.