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What to Pack for your Next Cruise

Cruise ship packing

Whether you’re a first time cruise ship passenger or a seasoned traveler, we’ve got the tips on how to pack for your next cruise. In the excitement of planning, it can be easy to forget the essentials. However, the key is to pack light! So skip the bathrobe and beach towel (most cruise lines provide these) and remember to pack these items:

  • Sunscreen

It may sound redundant, but there’s nothing more frustrating than heading out for an excursion and realizing you forgot your sunscreen. There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to buy some from the cruise ship store, but at a price. We recommend bringing an additional travel size bottle to easily pack for smaller outings.

  • Camera

Capture all of your memories to share with your friends and family. But don’t forget to bring the charger! If you plan on using your phone as a camera, pack that charger as well. We also recommend bringing a strap or case to keep your camera close by and protected.         

  • Important travel documents

If your cruise ship is traveling out of the country like Mexico or Puerto Rico, don’t forget to have your passport handy. We also recommend printing your cruise itinerary and contact information and place a copy inside each bag. This will come in handy if your luggage ever gets lost. Since we specialize in airport parking we see this happen to a lot of customers!

  • Evening wear

We recommend checking your cruise ship’s dress code. Typically during the day anything goes but if you plan on having a nice dinner in the main dining room a dress code may apply. Most cruise lines have at least 1 formal night. If you like to dress formal, you won’t be alone!

  • Comfortable walking shoes

Like many vacations, you’ll probably do a fair amount of walking. Whether it’s around the cruise ship or through the port city, a lot of getting around will be on your own two feet. If you’re the outdoor adventure seeker, we recommend packing a pair of shoes to hike in.   

  • 2 Bathing suits

Because no one likes putting on a cold wet swimsuit! Also, don’t forget to pack sandals and some casual clothes or a cover-up for wearing to and from the pool areas.

  • A book

Nothing enhances a relaxing day by the pool like a good read. We recommend packing a book or MP3 player to keep you not only entertained at the pool but also on the plane or car ride.


Now that you’ve got everything you need to pack, it’s time to plan your cruise ship parking! FLL Park Safe accommodates long-term cruise ship parking for Fort Lauderdale. We’ll even drive you directly to your cruise ship location and pick you up upon your return. Call and book with us today or schedule your reservation easily online!